Brunswick Project

The Brunswick Project rolls on with our 7th weekly release out of fifty-two.  Stick it to the man and rock out to The Administration!

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Week 7 - The Administration

The Administration started as a guitar riff and some chords in 3/4 time.  The title (and concept) was settled on arbitrarily, as I just wanted six syllables to sing over the chorus chords, and “the administration” fit.  But once that concept was admitted it gradually grew into a full song as stanzas inspired by Brave New World and 1984 were written and rewritten.

Admin is in B major, but harmonically it borrows from both the Lydian and Locrian (diminished) modes.  The opening progression is actually nothing but a move from the major chord, to the diminished, back to the major, and up to the Lydian (with an augmented 4th).  I think it’s one of the more interesting chord progressions I’ve come up with, and if it imitates any existing work I’m not aware of it.

That’s not to say I didn’t get help; there were two things I did consciously imitate while completing the song.  The melody in the second pre-chorus (“who keeps us greedy…”) was inspired by the theme from the Simpsons, itself a Lydian melody.  And the bridge progression was adapted from the first four chords of Chim-Chim-Cheree from Mary Poppins.  So there’s some Disney for ya.

- Steve

(PS The audio clip in the bridge is taken from the Feb. 21, 2007, session of Parliament, in which partisan bickering seemed to reach new heights.  I love the bit where the Speaker of the House himself comments, “We’re wasting a lot of time”!)

Week 6/52: Know Harm

Week 6 - Know Harm

The 6th release of our 52-week project is a track called Know Harm.  This piece comes a project called War Lore from a few years ago, which was an experiment in sampling acoustic instruments.  Nearly all the instrumentation in Know Harm comes from a few notes I played on my violin (which is about all I can do on violin), and a djembe hand drum.  The samples were stretched and pitch-shifted to create the sounds of cellos and other noises you hear in the song.

The concept came from the phrase “you will come to no harm”, a reassuring statement.  But when it’s changed to “you will come to know harm”, it takes on very ominous quality.  For me the lyrics are about how we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from hurt, but how pain is often an unavoidable part of life.  The shifting meters and irregular rhythms in the song reflect this fear and uncertainty.

Remixers take note: This week also marks a Brunswick first, in that we’re making the stems for this song available on our second Soundcloud page, which you can find here.

Chord charts for ‘Another One’ and ‘Something For Nothing’

We’re about six weeks into our project - namely, releasing a new song
every week for 52 weeks.  One of the things we wanted to do going into
this was offer a unique glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of our music.
Along those lines, we’ve been posting in-development tracks with
finished songs, which offer insights into our creative process.  We’ll
also be making stems available for remixing in the near future.  Today
we’re posting guitar charts for two of our recent releases, Another
One and Something For Nothing.  Enjoy.

Another One:

Something For Nothing:

Listen to the original songs here

New Jam: The Law

New Jam: The Law

Check out our latest release on the Brunswick Soundcloud.  In honour of the upcoming Judge Dredd Film, THE LAW.